Things to Consider…

Here are my top things to consider to make your next event a success!

1. Buy Local

Buy local and support the industries in your community or city that exist to help you. If something needs further discussion, it is easier to do it with someone you have met versus an online agent.

2. Pricing

When it comes to invitations, remember the price you would pay for a nice birthday/anniversary/Christmas card (not from a discount store), figure out how much it would cost to buy those for the same amount of guests at your event and budget accordingly.

3. Vendors

Rely on the experience of your vendors. Anyone that has been in business 5 or more years, and has a Google or Facebook presence should be able to demonstrate their reliability in their reviews on those platforms. Ask questions, pay attention to the answers and make sure everything that is covered is in your agreement. Don’t rely on only the spoken word…get it in writing!

4. Give Yourself Time

Most wedding “experts” will tell you to ask for your guest’s responses 6 weeks prior to your wedding. Lots of planning, deadlines and last minute “things” resulted in many stressed brides in 2017, and I couldn’t bear to hear another person say “I will be glad when this is over”! This is a wedding, a celebration of 2 people coming together, a joyful occasion with friends and family. I suggest 12 weeks, and have stuck to this suggestion for the last 3 years. That extra time should allow you to complete all those details and have some time to enjoy the lead-up to the day!

5. Use A Calendar

Use a calendar to keep track of what needs to be done and when…and stick to it!

6. Stick To Your Design

Unless absolutely necessary, always stay with your original design concept to minimalize hidden charges from vendors. Changes cost everyone money.

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