Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the top questions that we get asked about planning an event.
How much do invitations cost?
Invitation pricing can vary quite a bit.

Book invitations are prepriced in the albums they are displayed in, and are priced by set quantity (usually in multiples of 25).

Custom invitations are priced by graphic costs, paper used, colours, pieces in the invitation set, and quantity.

What is the purpose of the invitation?
The invitation you send should tell your clients the type of occasion, who is involved, where the event will happen (including all additional locations involved), and when the event is happening.
Online versus paper?
Online invitations are part of the world today. Whichever method you use to invite others, make sure that ALL the invitees will be able to access the information and that it is easy for them to read and respond.
What are the different paper types?
Paper comes in many weights, colours and textures. There is a rainbow of colours available in most types. Matte cardstock has no sheen to it. Metallic cardstock is one of the most popular papers used. Vellum is a translucent paper. Glitter stock is generally used as an accent paper. Cardstocks resembling wood have seen an increase in use.
How do I address envelopes?
Based on the formality of the occasion, there are multiple options for addressing envelopes. A formal invitation would be addressed to Mr. and Mrs., a casual garden wedding could be addressed to Robert and Mary Smith. Remember that whoever is on the envelope is who is invited, and this should be clearly stated. We can give you guidelines on how to address the envelopes. Labels are not an acceptable addressing option for a wedding invitation.

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